Messiah Preschool is a place where children know they are accepted and loved for who they are....a place where laughter and play are cherished. Our curriculum focuses on learning through a "hands on" approach. It is a time for exploring, creating and discovering the wonders of God's world. Each family is an important part of our program and we hope you feel that from the beginning.


Messiah Preschool

We offer a Christian environment for growth, learning and development in all areas—physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Our program balances quiet indoor play with vigorous outdoor activity, along with opportunities to experiment with music, art and science. Our highly experienced staff and spacious facilities help create a preschool experience you can trust!

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement for the Preschool is to provide a learning environment for children to investigate and discover the wonder of God's world and love.


At Messiah Preschool, we believe education at this age revolves around interesting and childlike first-hand experiences; learning to get along with other children through supervised play in a child geared environment; developing independence and trust in adults outside the home; and learning problem solving skills.


Our goals at the Preschool are:

  • To help each child grow in self-understanding.
  • To help each child learn about the physical world through his/her five senses.
  • To help each child build satisfying relationships with other people.
  • To encourage an awareness of God's love for all people.
  • To help each child experience the love, support and acceptance of Christian Fellowship.

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